Kshioe Professional Photo Video Studio 500W Stepless dimming


Are you passionate about photography? Are you ready to up your game? One of the first steps to becoming a pro is getting the proper lighting equipment. That would of course be a light diffusing method. That starts here by getting a softbox lighting kit. Choose Kshioe Bi-color Stepless dimming Continuous Light Head Photography. A phenomenal addition to any photo/video studio providing professional maximized light spread at a competitive convenient cost. 
Suitable for any level photographers, with powerful features and simple operation. Create your own dream photography studio!

1. Professional softbox lighting kit, ideal for photography shooting, home studio, photo video studio, Portrait lighting
2. Two colors temperature adjustment (3200K and 5500K) Adjust brightness freely. Easy to get photography lighting
3. Stepless dimming
4. 2 x 20"×27" softbox reflector with diffuser, ensure for the high-quality of video lighting photography
5. 2 x LED lamp holder with 124 inches cable length, convenient for shooting photography
6. 2 x light stand, work strength for heavy duty stand, ensure to work steady of softboxes
7. Adjust brightness(from 1%-100%) freely by turning the dial
8. The built-in cooling fan of the led light head, improves the dissipation of heat while in operation, increasing the service life of the lamp
9. Per LED light holder quantity has 256pcs Lamp Beads, 126 warm light and 126 cold light

Basic Information
1. Brand: Kshioe
2. Background Stand Size: 86"
3. Fish Mouth Clamp Color: Black
4. Plug Type: US Standard
5. Color Temperature: 3200-5500K

1. Material: Made of High Quality Nylon
2. Size: 20" x 27" Large Soft Box
3. Function: Ultimate Soften Light Stream and Remove Shadow to Make Perfect Shooting
4. Uses: 50W Bi-color Stepless dimming LED Light
5. Code & Plug: Included(Length: 9ft)
6. Color: Black & Silver (Out & In)
7. Silver Internal Face: Minimize Light Loss & Maximize Light Spread
8. Light Control: 2 Levels Light Control Available

Light Stand
1. Aluminum Alloy Construction
2. Height Adjustable: 33" to 86"
3. Standard Top Stud
4. Solid Safety 3 Legs Stages
5. Work Strength for Heavy Duty Light Stand

2 x LED Light Head 
1. Accurate Color Rendering Index (CRI): 85~90
2. Input Voltage: 100~240V 50/60Hz
3. Output Voltage: 24V
4. Per LED Light Holder Quantity Has 256pcs Lamp Beads, 126 Warm Light and 126 Cold Light

Package Includes:
2 x Softbox Reflector with Diffuser
2 x LED Light Head 
2 x 86" Professional Quality Aluminum Adjustable Light Stand
1 x Adapter with US Plug
1 x Carrying Bag